Retaining old trees a much better solution

Some of the vegetation that was cleared from the median strip along Warwick Road in Duncraig.
Some of the vegetation that was cleared from the median strip along Warwick Road in Duncraig.

THE removal of some median strip vegetation in a section of Warwick Road was the subject of a letter the Weekender recently received from long-time Sorrento residents Loris and Mark Thornton. Here we publish their thoughts and a response from the City of Joondalup.

Retaining old trees a much better solution

WE have lived in the Sorrento/Duncraig area for 40 years.

We have seen our green leafy view slowly disappear to be replaced by more and more rooftops. With new development on existing blocks, all trees are being removed and not replaced.

This travesty is now being exacerbated by the City of Joondalup removing established trees on the median strip on Warwick Road. We understand that there will be new trees planted.

But why did the established trees have to be removed? Would it not have been possible to retain the old trees and intersperse new trees on the median strip? The cost to the ratepayers to have these trees removed could have been avoided and we would have a better environmental result.

� Loris and Mark Thornton, Sorrento

Strip cleared for safety reasons

THE works on Warwick Road are part of the City’s streetscape enhancement program, which includes the removal of tree and shrubs inappropriate in a median strip.

Planting, including trees and shrubs, can cause line-of-sight issues for motorists and pedestrians and can often be safety hazards on busy roads such as Warwick Road.

The median strip will be replanted with new tree species (spotted gum and WA peppermint) as part of the winter tree planting program. This replacement program is designed to minimise costs to ratepayers while maintaining a green environment. Failure to remove trees from the streetscape which are in decline could hinder the growth of replacement trees and their retention in this instance would not be a cost effective option.

In its recently adopted 2015-16 budget, funding has been allocated by the City to initiate the Leafy City Program, an exciting and visionary project that will transform the City’s suburbs with tree-lined streets.

Anyone with queries about tree removals are best to contact 1300 369 972.

– City of Joondalup chief executive Garry Hunt