Rethink on housing strategy

The Draft Local Housing Strategy was developed in response to the State Government’s directive calling for more residential infill and higher housing densities.

The key part of the strategy is the establishment of housing opportunity areas which, because of their proximity to train stations, commercial centres and transport routes, have been identified as suitable for higher density.

The City originally lodged its housing strategy with the Department of Planning in 2011.

The Department refused to endorse the strategy and requested that the housing opportunity areas be expanded and allow for even high density.

Joondalup planning director Dale Page told a council briefing session on Tuesday that the boundaries of six of the housing opportunity areas had been expanded to include an extra 967 lots.

Responding to questions from councillors as to whether it would be possible to further change the boundaries because landowners would like their properties to be included, Ms Page cautioned against taking an ad hoc approach.

‘The City has received a number of requests from people wanting to be included in housing opportunity areas,’ she said.

‘The areas as they are now proposed represent the best and most logical boundaries. Responding to requests from individual land owners to change boundaries could be like opening Pandora’s box.’