Ride to remember

Norman Davies at Barbagallo Raceway.
Norman Davies at Barbagallo Raceway.

It had been 35 years since Norman stepped behind the wheel of a Formula Vee after his seven-year career at national level came to a sudden end in 1979 after a crash.

Son Robin Davies could not think of a better way to help his father celebrate his 60th birthday than by bringing back his glory days from Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe).

‘My son and wife picked me up and arranged with work for me to have the day off,’ Norman said.

‘I didn’t for one moment think anybody would let me take their car around the track; I thought it would be nice to watch and they said ‘no, you can take it out for half a dozen laps’. So I did.’

Norman’s father, who was also a motorcycle champion, and mother joined his wife and son on the sidelines of Barbagallo Raceway.

‘It was a really invigorating experience; I think I’m still on a high now,’ Norman said.

WA Formula Vee Association vice-president Rod Lisson loaned his Sabre 02, the ‘latest and greatest in the country’, to Norman after Robin made inquiries with the club.

Mr Lisson won the 2013 WA Formula Vee Championship in the car and its previous owner won the Australian national championships.

‘I got an email from the president of the club. I thought, this guy (Norman) hasn’t driven since 1979, I might as well put him in the State Championship winning car,’ he said.

‘We were really happy for him to have a drive; the look on his face when he got out of the car was worth every second.’

Norman said the experience had reignited his passion for the sport and he would like to become involved in the WA club.