RSPCA says CCTV insufficient in Carramar cat attack saga

THE RSPCA says injuries to a Carramar cat cannot be conclusively attributed to an encounter with a dog that was filmed on CCTV.

Releasing a joint statement with the City of Wanneroo yesterday, the animal welfare agency said it responded to a call to its ‘Cruelty’ hotline on the alleged attack in June.

“A thorough investigation was carried out in collaboration with the City of Wanneroo rangers,” the statement said.

“It was concluded that the physical injuries evident on the cat cannot be conclusively attributed to the encounter captured on CCTV and upon receiving legal advice, the investigation was closed.

“We urge communities to be vigilant and accountable for their pets’ safety, whereabouts, behaviour and welfare.”

An eight-signature paper petition along with the cat owner’s online petition calling for a review of the investigations was presented at Tuesday’s Wanneroo council meeting.

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