RSPCA seeks more foster carers for dogs

Foster carer Tracy Rendel (Madeley) with Candi. Photo: Martin Kennealey
Foster carer Tracy Rendel (Madeley) with Candi. Photo: Martin Kennealey

RSPCA WA is looking for foster carers, like Tracy Rendel and her husband Keith, who can help dogs who need extra training and guidance.

Mrs Rendel said they always loved dogs, and would only take in pets from a rescue home.

The couple, who had worked full time in the UK, found they had more time to get a dog when they moved to Perth and started working part-time.

Initially they adopted a dog from the K9 Rescue Group then, after he died three years ago, they started volunteering at the Shenton Park Dogs Refuge and RSPCA.

When asked to foster dogs, they agreed as they had the time to be home with animals that needed extra care.

The Madeley couple have been looking after Candi since December when she was put on a special diet of allergenic biscuits.

“It hasn’t been hard; it’s just been a case of keeping her on those biscuits,” Mrs Rendel said.

Volunteer Norm Whitfield (Hillarys) with Butters. Photo: Martin Kennealey

“She has been really easy to look after; she is a sweetheart.”

Mrs Rendel said RSPCA supported foster carers by providing food and medication for the pets.

She said it was sometimes hard to part with a foster dog when they were ready for adoption, though carers hoped they would go to forever homes.

“You don’t want them to leave you because you build up a bond,” she said.

“We love moving on and helping the next dog that might not be coping.”

Candi was one of 85 animals adopted during the three-day Clear the Shelters campaign last weekend.

RSPCA is looking for carers who work part-time or from home as some dogs would need to be the only pet in the home.

Those with experience training dogs would also be welcome, and RSPCA will cover all costs, including food, bedding and vet work.

Its behaviour team will offer support and advice to help train dogs while they’re living with foster carers and prepare the animals for their forever homes.

To help, fill out the online form at or call 9209 9335.