Rude Boy please judges

Bobby Edwards hopes he has found the recipe to success.
Bobby Edwards hopes he has found the recipe to success.

The Burns Beach resident’s Rude Boy Rib Sauce was a winner in last week’s Recipe to Riches.

Back at work, Bobby was still processing the experience after radio and television interviews and media calls.

‘Yesterday (Wednesday) was the biggest day I’ve ever had in my whole entire life,’ Bobby said.

‘The support I’ve got is unbelievable ” within 30 hours I had 800 likes on Facebook.’

Bobby created the recipe from flavours he remembered and missed from London.

‘I’m quite handy in the kitchen; food is my hobby,’ he said.

‘After a long hard day it’s everything. I’ll go home and cook for a couple of hours; it actually winds me down, it’s my release.’

He said getting the judges to love his sauce was the easy part; the challenge came in distributing and marketing the product to a wide audience.

Bobby’s friends are already well acquainted with his spicy jerk ribs, cooked in true Aussie spirit on the barbecue.

‘That’s why I knew it would do so well here,’ he said.

‘Aussies love their barbies ” it goes hand in hand with nice summer days.’

After each episode of Recipe to Riches, the public has a chance to buy the winner’s recipe from any Woolworths store. The contestant who sells the most will win $100,000.

Winners will be announced this month.