Shark barrier by end of the year

MLC Peter Katsambanis and Fisheries Minister Joe Francis.
MLC Peter Katsambanis and Fisheries Minister Joe Francis.

A SHARK barrier is expected to be installed at Quinns Beach by the end of this year after State Government funding was announced.

The City of Wanneroo will receive $200,000 for a 300m barrier as part of the 2016-17 State Budget.

It comes after councillors voted at their February 2 meeting to list $300,000 for the structure at the southern end of the beach.

Mayor Tracey Roberts said the enclosure would provide peace of mind to thousands of swimmers. The City will contribute the remaining costs of the barrier and aimed to have it installed by the end of the year.

Ocean Reef MLA Albert Jacob started a petition for State funding for the enclosure in April.

“The petition (with 162 signatures) was about making sure the Premier and his office and the Fisheries Minister knew the numbers were coming in and showing strong community support,” he said.

Butler MLA John Quigley said he was pleased the barrier would go ahead but more work was needed to ensure beach safety.

“It doesn’t go quite far enough,” he said. “The surf club needs a proper elevated lookout tower like most other beaches.”