Shark barrier study plan

Mayor Tracey Roberts will put the request to councillors at next Tuesday�s meeting.

Her motion on notice proposes an investigation into a beach/nearshore enclosure to keep sharks out and protect swimmers without impeding marine life.

It said an Eco shark barrier trialled at Coogee Beach over the 2013-14 summer had been a success and extended a further three years.

�The ability for our community to safely and confidently utilise the city�s beach locations without potential threat of thoughts of shark attacks is of critical importance and warrants the need to investigate the feasibility of installation of shark barriers,� the motion said.

Factors to be considered before a decision would include environmental licences, and approvals and costs.

If backed on Tuesday night, City staff would consult other local authorities and shark barrier companies to develop the proposal further.

Details of other requirements would then be presented to the council in December.

Next week�s meeting will be at Gumblossom Community Centre, Quinns Rocks, at 7pm.