‘Sound values and hard work’

Moore MHR Ian Goodenough.
Moore MHR Ian Goodenough.

‘I am a first-generation migrant to Australia, arriving as a nine-year-old with my parents on 8 December 1984, exactly 29 years ago yesterday. The Goodenough family has a very rich history dating back to the UK.

The Domesday Book of 1086 records my ancestors as landowners in the shire of Cumberland. Over the centuries, members of the family provided loyal service to the Crown through the clergy and military and in banking, before migrating eastwards during the 19th century with the expanding British Empire…

Bishop Samuel Goodenough (Bishop of Carlisle) is buried in the north cloister of Westminster Abbey, and his descendants spread the family across the globe.

My extended relatives arrived in Australia during the 1800s. Police Trooper Henry Goodenough was present at the Eureka Stockade uprising in 1854 and is documented as a key witness for the Crown in the subsequent court trial.

Commodore James Graham Goodenough served as Commander-in-Chief of the Australian Naval Station, residing at Admiralty House, Kirribilli, from 1873 until his death in 1875 while on duty.

He is buried in historic St Thomas Cemetery in North Sydney, and Goodenough Island was named in his honour.

My branch of the family were among the early British settlers in the colony of Singapore in the 1800s, who pioneered thriving enterprises in the bustling colonial outpost.

Prosperity came to an abrupt end on 15 February 1942 with the fall of Singapore and subsequent Japanese occupation’