Young Circus Joseph Ashton star celebrates birthday with free entry.

Bekki Ashton with her son Rikki, who will turn 10 on October 1.Picture: Martin Kennealey   d444076
Bekki Ashton with her son Rikki, who will turn 10 on October 1.Picture: Martin Kennealey d444076

CLOWNS and fairy floss may not be out of place at a 10th birthday party, but for Rikki Ashton that is just the beginning.

The soon-to-be 10-year-old travels around WA with his family performing with Circus Joseph Ashton, which has set up at Liddell Park in Girrawheen these school holidays.

His mum Bekki said she was excited to return to the place where Rikki spent his first few days.

“Rikki was born at Osborne Park Hospital five minutes before showtime on October 1, 2005, during the circus season at Liddell Park,” she said.

“He returned to the circus the next day so I could sell tickets – it was school holidays.

“Rikki was bundled up in my arms and I had the pram at the front door.”

Rikki is a seventh-generation circus performer – his uncle, Joseph Ashton, started the circus in 1998 as a spin-off from Ashton’s Circus, which was established in 1847 by Mr Ashton’s great-great-grandfather.

Circus Joseph Ashton comprises more than 15 members of the Ashton family and Rikki has travelled around WA with them since he was born.

“It’s a very rare thing in our business to return to the same location you were born in on your birthday,” Ms Ashton said.

“We have invited staff working at Osborne Park Hospital maternity ward to the circus and we want anyone else who is turning 10 on October 1 to come along as they will get free entry and a gift from Rikki.”

Though circus life is fun, it is also a lot of work, with Rikki’s days consisting of schoolwork from 9.30am to 3.30pm, followed by two hours of training.

He practises for his performances in acrobatics, the wheel of death and learning the flying trapeze like his mum.

“It’s lots of fun, I like when people participate and clap and cheer for you,” Rikki said.

“I like getting to see lots of different places in WA.”

After the circus performance, the family will celebrate Rikki’s birthday with a private ninja-themed party.

Children turning 10 on October 1 can attend the circus free but need to register by calling 0418 221 683.

Circus Joseph Ashton will be in Girrawheen until October 18.