Speed humps ‘ridiculous’: resident

‘It’s a ridiculous idea; there is no speed issue in that street,’ he said.

‘The problem is volume; there is a significant volume issue. They need to make the road wider ” it’s not wide enough to take a truck and car at the same time.’

He said the number of people using the Burns Beach Road freeway exit to head north creates the problem.

‘When the freeway is extended to Hester Avenue, the volume of people using Joondalup Drive to get to Wanneroo will decrease ” traffic lights will be a temporary fix.

‘I’m no traffic management expert but for me the better solution would be to put a slip road on the western end of Drovers to allow traffic heading north.’

Mr Woodcock expressed his disappointment over what he claimed was a lack of community consultation on the matter.

‘Why is it the retirement village have the right to decide this for everyone on the street?’ he said.

‘It’s annoying’