St Stephen’s School’s new principal settling into role

St Stephen’s School’s new principal Donella Beare.
St Stephen’s School’s new principal Donella Beare.

A FOCUS on excellence and the values of learning, service, care, faith and community are Donella Beare’s vision for St Stephen’s School as she settles in to her new role as principal.

Mrs Beare, who started at the school in 2002, was appointed following her contributions as a member of the school’s executive team, director of the St Stephen’s Institute and head of secondary at the Carramar campus.

“I am absolutely delighted to have the opportunity to lead this great school and I am excited to further engage with our community,” she said.

“As principal, it is my passion to bring these values to the fore in nurturing intelligent, mature and compassionate students, as well as celebrate community engagement.”

Mrs Beare is the third female principal at St Stephen’s School since it opened in 1984.

She will be officially commissioned in April.