State Budget stunts growth

It included $3 billion over four years for the entire north metropolitan area, much of which would be spent in the Perth CBD.

Locally, it included $320 million over four years to extend the Mitchell Freeway to Hester Avenue to relieve pressure on local roads in Clarkson, Butler and Jindalee, with $169 million allocated in 2017-18.

Treasurer Mike Nahan said that the north metropolitan area, as one of Perth’s fastest-growing areas, was a key beneficiary of the State Government’s investment in transport and traffic improvement measures.

Dr Nahan said the 2014-15 State Budget would deliver the infrastructure and services needed to support future generations.

North Metropolitan MLC and opposition transport spokesman Ken Travers said the budget would hurt residents.

‘If you are parked at a train station, even if you go for 240 days a year, you are going to be paying $480 a year in additional parking fees (and) public transport fares have gone up for a second year,’ he said.

Mr Travers said there was ‘little’ coming in infrastructure, including no commitment to extend the freeway farther north and the extension to Hester Avenue had been pushed back, due to finish in 2017-18.

‘We’re struggling to find a single one of the transport promises from this government that will be delivered on time.’

Mr Quigley criticised the change of threshold for first-home buyers’ stamp duty exemption to $430,000 from $500,000.

‘New-home buyers trying to move into the area are now going to be priced out,’ he said.