State Govt to introduce legislative changes to strata titles system

State Govt to introduce legislative changes to strata titles system

THE State Government will introduce legislative changes to the strata titles system.

Landgate was given responsibility by the previous government to deliver the reforms and has been working to draft legislation.

It is the first major change to the Strata Titles Act in more than 20 years and is aimed at creating better dispute resolution, improved management of schemes and regulation of strata managers.

Lands Minister Rita Saffioti said the reforms would facilitate mixed-use developments and the introduction of leasehold strata and community title schemes and improvements to strata schemes would make it easier to develop land next to Metronet lines and above train stations.

“It also allows for shared community facilities like pools and sustainability infrastructure such as solar panels to be managed more efficiently,” she said.

“By providing new strata development options, these reforms will help create vibrant communities close to public transport, infrastructure, facilities and workplaces.”

She said strata owners would benefit from the regulation of strata managers, better buyer information and being able to quickly and easily resolve strata disputes through the State Administrative Tribunal.

There will also be safeguards for the termination of strata schemes as currently one owner applying to the district court can end them.

“Home owners will be better protected with the regulation of strata managers and making the tribunal a one-stop shop for strata disputes,” she said.

“These reforms are important to the future housing needs of WA and the State Government will be progressing this legislation as quickly as possible.”

There are more than 300,000 strata lots in WA.

The Housing Industry Association supported the review of the legislation.

“Strata reform will enable greater housing choice throughout Perth’s suburbs” WA executive director John Gelavis said.

“Housing choice is critical for affordable housing and changes to this legislation should ultimately provide more options for consumers.

“It should also positively contribute towards meeting our density targets by making it easier for mixed-use developments to be titled.”

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