Stop verge parkers, plead residents

At a Kinross Residents Association meeting on March 27, householders complained about motorists parking over the footpath and fumes from idling vehicles infiltrating backyards.

‘They leave their cars running and sit (in the vehicle) and have their lunch while it is running and running,’ one resident complained.

The association had asked for bollards to stop people parking on the road, but the City of Joondalup suggested putting in parking bays.

Residents at the meeting said bays were a dangerous option.

‘People believe they can park there because there is nothing to say they can’t,’ association president Denise Farquhar said.

‘They park over the path as well.’

Joondalup North ward councillor Tom McLean said he would push for the association’s suggestion of ‘no parking’ signs and regular patrols of the area.

The association will again ask Australia Post for a postbox on the Kinross Central Shopping Centre side of Connolly Drive.

Mrs Farquhar said MacNaughton Park would get entrance lighting by mid-year and the City would replant dead and storm-damaged trees on Connolly Drive by May or June.