AHG West Coast Automotive is selling cars damaged by hail

Car buyers are looking for hail damage bargains.
Car buyers are looking for hail damage bargains.

CAR buyers have flocked to Wangara car yards in search of a good deal after this month's hail storm.

AHG West Coast Automotive chief operating officer Tony Salerno said customers had been in every day since October 18 to nab bargains.

‘It’s like a frenzy happening up there at the moment,’ he said.

‘It’s a good thing, you can’t control nature.

‘But there’s a silver lining for the general public because they’re going to get some really good value vehicles.’

Mr Salerno said the damage to more than 1800 new and used cars across seven Wangara AHG dealerships was nothing compared to the notorious 2010 storm, which damage 14,000 cars across Western Australia.

‘This was specific to one area and it’s not as bad, these are small dents and little dimples and haven’t broken the paint,’ he said.

‘We haven’t even started to promote it (sales) and there’s already a lot of people in the vicinity.’