Students give dairy the vote of approval

The initiative was developed to boost milk, cheese and yogurt consumption among Australian children.

It also encouraged students to think beyond a bowl of cereal and milk for breakfast to find creative ways to end the school day with dairy.

Students used recyclable dairy containers and lids to cast their vote for when they most enjoyed dairy products.

They have now become proud owners of a custom-built Legendairy playground bench seat made entirely from recycled products, including dairy packaging.

Dairy Australia group manager Isabel MacNeill said Koondoola Primary School would also be treated to a dairy foods spread courtesy of Devondale Murray Goulburn.

�The program certainly showed the vast majority of Australian students, like those at Koondoola Primary School, prefer to start their day with dairy, which isn�t surprising,� she said.

�However, we are now encouraging them to think about dairy as an essential food group at the end of the day too.

�To put it simply, if children start and end their day with dairy, we know they�ll be well on their way to achieving their daily dietary guidelines.�

For more about the program, visit legendairy.