Students shine in storytelling

Pre-primary students were included in the competition, which has an emphasis on storytelling, for the first time.

The children chose and prepared a story that they knew or had made up themselves.

Teachers selected two winners from each class for the finals. A judge then listened to the speeches from all finalists and selected a winner from each year level.

The winners were: Pre-primary student Lachlan Smith, Year 1 student Aaron Crooks, Year 2 student Leah Koutsoukos, Year 3 student Emily Archell, Year 4 student Rebekah Crooks, Year 5 student Agurd Agok and Year 6 student Rose Thomas.

They were asked to perform their speech at an assembly. Year 1/2 teacher and competition organiser Linda Gower said the children enjoyed re-telling a story they knew and tried to use many different voices and gestures.

�The public-speaking skills of all East Wanneroo primary children are improving every year as they gain confidence with performing in front of a large audience,� she said.