Take on the biscuit

Anzac biscuits: makes 13


75g �������Rolled oats

145g �������Plain flour

145g �������Salted butter

170g�������Castor sugar

75g�������Desiccated coconut

50g�������Golden syrup

5g�������Bicarbonate soda

30ml�������Hot water


1. Combine oats, flour, sugar and coconut.

2. Combine butter and golden syrup, stir over gentle heat until melted.

3. Mix soda with hot water, add to melted butter mixture and stir into dry ingredients.

4. Weigh off biscuits at 50g, place on silicon papered trays � allow room for spreading.

5. Cook in low heat oven (170�C) for 12-18 minutes.

Patrick�s top tip: Get to know your oven. Home ovens often vary from one to another, so learn how long your oven takes to get to the desired temperature. Being �in-tune� with your oven will do wonders for your baking!