Thieves hit shop safes

Derek Oldham is climbing Mt Kilimanjaro.
Derek Oldham is climbing Mt Kilimanjaro.

District police boss Charlie Carver has warned business owners, particularly franchise food operators, to remove all cash from buildings overnight.

His warning comes after thieves cut a hole in the roof of Greenwood Village Shopping Centre to target a franchise bakery on June 9. The burglars cut power to the business’s alarm system before stealing its safe and exiting through the ceiling.

Supt Carver said there had been ongoing problems with ‘professional safe breakers’.

‘We will continue to police it heavily,’ he said. ‘But prevention is better than cure. Do not keep cash on the premises overnight.’

Burglars have also targeted a number of franchise sandwich stores in overnight hits for cash.

A Beach Road outlet in Warwick was also raided on April 30.