Thieves take plants from resort

Mr Carroll said plants were also stolen the previous week, including after the Valentine’s Concert.

He said a golf course superintendent, who stayed at the resort after the concert, checked the grounds just after midnight.

‘He heard the retic come on at 3am then was up at 5am and he saw all these empty pots lying around,’ Mr Carroll said.

He said between about 12.30am and 5am someone had come into the grounds, uprooted a number of plants and put them in pots to steal. ‘It’s such a low thing to do,’ Mr Carroll said.

‘And with the weather being so hot, it’s not ideal to pull a plant out of the ground and plant it again expecting it to grow.

‘Our guys put so much effort into the gardens to make the place look good ” some of the plants were planted two and a half to three years ago and were just coming good and starting to flower.’

Mr Carroll said the resort was installing security cameras in the grounds. He estimated about $15,000 worth of plants had been stolen in the past six months.

Anyone with information is asked to call 9400 8888.