Time called on chook farm

An Inghams truck leaves the town centre chicken farm.
An Inghams truck leaves the town centre chicken farm.

They said at their June 25 council meeting it was time for the Inghams commercial feedmill to move on.

The poultry farm was established on Wanneroo Road in 1960 but with increased development in the area, the facility is now located in the middle of the town centre, surrounded by homes and less than 1km from Wanneroo Central Shopping Centre.

The City of Wanneroo has been advocating for the farm to relocate since 2004.

Councillor Brett Treby said the position of Inghams, the buffer zone (to prohibit development within 500m of the farm) and its effect on neighbouring landowners was a major problem.

He said there was little the councillors could do to resolve the issue because the responsibility lay with the State Government and it was time the City took a ‘leadership stance’ to resolve the issue with Inghams.

‘My very strong view is that Inghams day in the town centre ” it has a rich history ” is done,’ he said.

Crs Stuart Mackenzie, Frank Cvitan and Diane Guise agreed.

‘Inghams is a big player in the town site, they’ve been here for many, many years but they really have a stranglehold on the expansion of the city centre,’ Cr Cvitan said.

‘We are growing at such a rate that we really have to look at this problem but that is not our role, it’s a State Government role.’

‘I think it’s time we showed some leadership and at the very least, attempted to engage with the State Government who is in a position to do something about this,’ Cr Guise said.

‘It’s clear to me that the land has not diminished in value over time so there is an interest for Inghams’