Traffic calm measures receive council support

Cr Newton put forward the motion after the council received complaints about increasing vehicle traffic past Regent Gardens Resort to the Drovers Market development.

She said daily traffic on Drovers Place ” not only cars but also delivery trucks ” passing the retirement village did not obey the required speed limit.

‘The average speed is over the 50km/h,’ she said.

‘In order to persuade people to realise that this is a residential street with elderly people trying to go about their business and cross Drovers place to get to Joondalup Drive to catch the bus etc, there is a need to slow vehicles down.’

Cr Dianne Guise supported the motion and said the speed humps were a worthy request, not only to benefit the residents at the aged care home but also the nearby caf�, botanical gardens and fire station.

Drovers Market Place landowner Ray Jackson told the Times the speed humps would not slow cars or reduce the number of vehicles using the road to Drovers Place, bypassing Wanneroo Road and Joondalup Drive.

‘We need lights on Joondalup Drive and Drovers Place,’ he said. ‘Speed humps will not help the fire trucks who can’t turn right on Joondalup Drive.’

He said lights would enable the trucks ” and emergency vehicles to and from the retirement village ” to better negotiate the intersection.

The cost of the speed humps, associated line marking, signs and upgrade to adjoining streetlights is estimated at $20,000.

A council report said with the surrounding roads having posted speeds of 70km/h and 80km/h, vehicles were not respecting the need to reduce their speed to 50km/h.