Trail of destruction after alleged liquor store theft

An off-duty police officer was assaulted in the April 9 incident, which culminated in a car crash.

A 37-year-old woman was charged.

The incident spiralled out of control after the woman allegedly stole alcohol from an in-store liquor outlet about 4pm.

She left the store, but was accosted by the liquor store attendant, who saw her return to the shopping centre a short time later.

The woman allegedly spat and kicked at the attendant, before allegedly punching an assistant from a nearby store who had attempted to help detain her.

An off-duty policeman tried to intervene but was allegedly bitten on the hand.

A security guard and members of the public eventually restrained the woman. Two women were then seen to run across traffic outside the store towards the woman.

A car swerved to avoid them and crashed into another car.

The women drove from the scene, leaving the accused behind.

She was charged with assaulting a public officer, obstructing police, assault and stealing.