Trandos family celebrates 80 years of growing vegetables in WA

The Trandos Farms 80-year celebration in a corn field. Picture: Image Style Studio
The Trandos Farms 80-year celebration in a corn field. Picture: Image Style Studio

A PIONEERING northern suburbs family celebrated 80 years of farming this month.

The extended Trandos family has been growing vegetables in Perth’s north and beyond over four generations.

The family business has grown from a small plot at Pappas Swamp in Wanneroo to become WA’s largest grower of sweet corn and beans, with farms in Neerabup, Gingin, Beermullah and Broome.

Dimitrios Trandos.

Dimitrios Trandos planted the first seeds after leaving his wife Dimitroula and their two sons Nicolas (Nick) and Stavros (Steve) in their home town village of Setoma, Greece in 1938 and moving to Australia where he grew vegetables.

World War II started the following year, followed by the Greek Civil War in 1944, which meant it was 11 years before Dimitroula and her sons joined Dimitrios in Perth.

“There was no communication for years,” Nick said.

Dimitroula Trandos in 1957.

About 180 people attended the 80th anniversary celebration on November 22, which was held in the middle of a corn field at Gingin.

“We wanted to make it a special event; we wanted to make it different,” Jim said.

Jim, Harry, Steve, Arthur, Michael and Nick Trandos at the 80-year celebrations. Picture: Kelvin Chong/Image Style Studio

Olympic Kingsway Sports Club president Steven Nelkovski, who worked on the farm while studying at university, was MC at the event.

Mr Nelkovski said the family had been incredibly generous, giving away countless boxes of vegetables and supporting the soccer club.

“For 80 years, Trandos Farms have always given back to the community,” he said.

Harry, Nick and Steve Trandos at the Wanneroo farm in 1970.

Mr Nelkovski said while they prided themselves on “growing the best vegetables”, the farmers were still “humble and genuine”.

Produce from the farms is sold in major Australian supermarkets and exported to the United Arab Emirates, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Steve paid tribute to their uncle who looked after the family in Greece for 11 years while Dimitrios was in Perth and to their mother for her bravery during that time and when they moved to Perth.

Arthur, Michael and Jim Trandos at Goodwell farm in Gingin in 2015. Picture: Michael Eyre

Jim said it was an important day to celebrate, thanking family and employees, including several who have worked for them for more than two decades.

Earlier this year, Trandos Farms announced it had reduced plastic packaging by 80 per cent in its 80th year to remain a sustainable business.

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The extended Trandos family celebrate 80 years of farming. Picture: Kelvin Chong/Image Style Studio
Dianne Matthews (nee Trandos) receives corn from Jim Trandos as a thank you for organising the 80-year celebration. Picture: Image Style Studio
A scarecrow on stilts at the 80-year celebration. Picture: Jim Trandos