Trees: Permit sought

Cr Dot Newton put forward a motion at last week’s council meeting for a new footpath and wider access road at 24 East Road.

A council report stated that removal of the trees would require a permit from the Department of Environment and Regulation.

‘The road leading to the property is a normal width, but when you get to this property it’s a half width,’ Cr Newton said.

‘I’ve driven down there myself ” it is not possible to go into that property and reverse out without using the bin pad and footpath ” the footpath itself is in a dangerous place.’

She said the residents and visitors had received a number of parking infringements outside the property.

Cr Frank Cvitan said he was worried about the trees but wanted a result that would benefit the residents and their visitors. The motion carried unanimously to list projects in the Pathways (Road Reserves) Forward Capital Works Program for the construction of a pedestrian crossing point and for the reconstruction of the road servicing 24 East Road, Pearsall.