Twelve faves of Christmas

CHRISTMAS cheer was shown no regard as we heatedly debated our favourite festive flicks. Sentimental attachment is a tough bind to break. How dare anyone berate the films we’ve watched religiously in December since the days when teachers used to wheel clunky CRT televisions into classrooms as the year wrapped up. “Can we watch Christmas Vacation this year, miss?”. “Sorry Tommy, Christmas Vacation is rated M, we have The Santa Clause featuring Tim Allen”. Anyway, here is the Community Newspaper Group’s list of 12 Christmas movies. If it’s stinking hot outside, why not throw on one of these, turn up the air con and pretend you’re frolicking through the snow with Hugh Grant? Unhappy with our list? Let us know what’s missing, of course. Seasons greetings.

Die Hard (1988, M)


Classic Christmas carol soundtrack? Check. Grinch-like villain played by Alan Rickman? Check. Heartwarming message of love, friendship and redemption? Check. All that, and Bruce Willis’ hero gives us a great holiday tip about recycling gift-wrapping tape as a gun holster.

Rosanna Candler, Western Suburbs Weekly