Two storey unit block in Girrawheen recommended for approval

The proposed eight-unit development in Girrawheen
The proposed eight-unit development in Girrawheen

A MULTIPLE dwelling development in Girrawheen is being recommended for approval.

Neuhome has applied to the City of Wanneroo to establish a two-storey residential building comprising eight units at 36 Danbury Crescent.

City planning implementation manager Pas Bracone told councillors at last week’s briefing session that it was the first application received since the recent amendment to the District Planning Scheme, which created a split residential density code of R20/R40 in the Girrawheen-Koondoola housing precinct.

He said most other housing in the area were single family homes.

“The building is certainly different in terms of its scale…but it is consistent with amendment 119,” he said.

The development proposes four one-bedroom ground floor units, four two-bedroom first floor dwellings and eight resident and two visitor car parking bays.

Two objections to the application were received within the public consultation period, which raised concerns about increased traffic, noise and potential anti-social behaviour.

A report by the City found the development was compliant with all relevant policy requirements except for the building pad level for one unit, which was supported because it met the R-codes design principles.

Addressing traffic concerns, it said the development would increase the average daily vehicle trips on Danbury Crescent from 496 to 552, which was “considerably lower” than its capacity of 3000 trips per day.

However, the City identified a potential safety issue for entering and exiting vehicles because of speed cushions in front of the site and recommended approval subject to the applicant or landowner moving the cushions a minimum of 2.2m north-east along the road.

Councillors will vote whether to endorse the recommendation at the October 11 meeting.