Units plan to be re-assessed

The application was refused at the North West Metropolitan Development Assessment Panel meeting on September 23 because the scale of development exceeded the allowed plot ratio for the site and the proposed open space was less than required.

A meeting document stated it was an ‘overdevelopment of the site’ and it was ‘excessive in the context of the existing and desired built form of the locality’.

The panel voted to defer the matter to allow the applicant to submit amended plans to the City of Joondalup addressing the issues of plot ratio, open space and visitor parking.

The two-storey development is proposed to be built on 14 Lennard Street, currently containing 11 holiday units that were previously rented by Clontarf Aboriginal College.

However, neighbours are against the development, with 14 residents holding a meeting last Tuesday with the applicant, architect, a real estate agent and three City of Joondalup councillors.

Objections include the proposal for 20 two-bedroom units rather than nine that was approved by Joondalup councillors when rezoning the property from R20 to R40 in 2011 and that it is not in keeping with the local surroundings.

‘The Marmion locals welcome development of this very tired site; however, the locals are voicing strong opposition to the proposed development on the grounds of over development, traffic problems and the loss of character of the suburb,’ Cliff Street resident Donna Hooper said.

The meeting will be held at 3pm today at the Joondalup Civic Centre.

It will also cover the proposed extensions to Westfield Whitford City Shopping Centre.