Vincent helps needy

Vincent Pettinicchio packing some of the items.
Vincent Pettinicchio packing some of the items.

The St Vincent de Paul Society collected the 364 packages ” containing blankets, towel, toothpaste, soap, deodorant, pillowcases, shaving equipment and shampoo and conditioner ” from Whitford Catholic Primary School this month.

Vincent said he start ed the project after seeing homeless people while in the city with his grandparents. ‘It doesn’t matter what the reason is, these people need help ” whether it’s food, a place to stay, warm clothes or someone to talk to,’ he said.

‘Mum said we don’t know how lucky we are to have family and friends that care about us and we have everything we need to keep us safe, warm and happy even if we don’t get everything we want.’

He raised money for the project by speaking at his Parish and writing letters to local shops, the Premier and Prime Minister ” all on his school holidays.

Students from Sacred Heart, Prendiville and Servite Colleges and Padbury Catholic Primary School helped Vincent pack the items.