Wangara business Explorex Caravans builds WA Police meth vans

Wangara-based Explorex Caravans built meth vans for WA Police.
Wangara-based Explorex Caravans built meth vans for WA Police.

A WANGARA business has played a role in WA Police’s war against meth, building three vans to do roadside drug tests.

Explorex Caravans designed and built the vans at its Wangara factory and WA Police Commissioner Chris Dawson unveiled them in November as part of a task force against drugs and organised crime.

“Similar to a ‘booze bus’ or RBT (random breath testing) the vans can be towed anywhere across the state and set up roadside at a moment’s notice,” Explorex managing director Greg Ferguson said.

“The company is always looking to branch out into new industries and was pleased to have the opportunity to build vans for the WA Police department that will help protect WA.”

Mr Ferguson said the meth vans had advanced equipment on board, sourced from all over the world.

“Vans have the ability to drug test drivers, have forensic testing facilities and have the ability to x-ray cars and vehicles on the road with special machines called ‘Tru Narcs’,” he said.

“These machines can scan through plastic and metal to spot any illegal substances hidden in vehicles trying to enter into WA.

“The vans have other special features such as roof-mounted nematic flood lights for night operations and specialised communication systems so the officers on board can keep in contact with head office in Perth no matter where they are.

“Drugs have devastating effects on many people and families in WA and have destroyed countless lives – Explorex is proud to be a part of the fight against drugs.”

Mr Ferguson said the company prided itself on their quality of build and ability to customise caravans to their client’s needs.

“Explorex started building caravans for the mining, drilling and exploration industry in 2003,” he said.

“Since then the company has made a name for itself for being ‘tough’ and ‘reliable’ and being able to handle even the harshest of conditions.

“Caravans are built using a steel frame instead of the usual wooden structure.

“In 2019, Explorex will be expanding to be able to build more caravans for both commercial and domestic use.

“More people are wanting their product built locally, whether it be for commercial purposes or leisure.”