Wanneroo council gives Mariginiup man approval for home-run dog training business

Dog trainer Jake Kenny (Precision K9 Training) with his dog Lee. Picture: Martin Kennealey d481092
Dog trainer Jake Kenny (Precision K9 Training) with his dog Lee. Picture: Martin Kennealey d481092

A MARIGINIUP resident recently received council approval to run a home business for intensive dog training.

Jake Kenny welcomed the recent Wanneroo council decision to approve his home business, Precision K9 Training, on Pennygum Place.

Mr Kenny said there was a “huge need” for the service he wanted to offer, especially given recent reports of dogs attacking children in the eastern states.

He told the Times his motivation to provide training stemmed from his experience working as a police officer for eight years.

“I went to a lot of neighbour disputes, assaults that occurred due to dog fights at local dog parks,” he said.

“I saw that there was a big issue (and) there’s not a lot of dog training around the place.”

Mr Kenny said the training would address aggression issues towards people or other dogs and ease the worry owners have when they take their pets out of the house.

“They would have better control over the dogs,” he said.

“It will address behavioural issues like pulling excessively on a lead or jumping up on people.

“They are issues that are able to be fixed.”

Dog trainer Jake Kenny (Precision K9 Training) with his dog Lee. Picture: Martin Kennealey d481092

Planning lawyer Belinda Moharich spoke about Mr Kenny’s experience at the March 6 council meeting and his ability to train family pets to “display appropriate behaviour around humans or other animals”.

“This isn’t police dog training; it’s to make dogs better pets,” she said.

Mr Kenny has been training dogs for about eight years, doing behavioural modification and sports dog training.

During public consultation, nearby residents raised concerns about an increase in traffic, barking and floodlights.

According to Mr Kenny and the City’s administration, the increase in traffic would be small and the dogs would stay in individual kennels, taken out for one-on-one training.

One of the conditions of approval restricted the training to between 9am and 6pm, seven days a week, with up to three dogs generally staying on the property for four days of training.

Another condition restricts him to have no more than five dogs, including his own two, on the property at any one time.

Several councillors spoke in support of the proposal at the council meeting, including Hugh Nguyen, who said his mother (78) had been bitten by dogs twice.

“It does help to prevent these sorts of situations from happening by giving residents the option or facility (to train dogs) to prevent these sorts of attacks,” he said.

Mayor Tracey Roberts said thousands of dogs lived in the City and responsible dog ownership was important.

“Not every dog is well-behaved,” she said.

“This home business is going to be very appreciated by many of our anxious dog owners.”

Visit precisionk9training.com.au for more information.

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