Wanneroo Regional Museum to host ‘You Have to Draw a Line Somewhere’ exhibit of mapping

The ‘You Have to Draw a Line Somewhere’ exhibit opens on January 12.
The ‘You Have to Draw a Line Somewhere’ exhibit opens on January 12.

A WANNEROO exhibit will chart the history of mapping and surveying next month.

The City of Wanneroo will present ‘You Have to Draw the Line Somewhere’ from January 12, highlighting the important role surveyors play.

Historians believe early mapping and surveying originated in Ancient Egypt where land boundaries were re-established after the annual Nile River floods.

The first documented land ownership and boundary records date back to 3000BC and since then, maps have represented the world in two dimensions to help determine the edge of coasts, borders of countries and boundaries of properties.

Surveyors work on a diverse range of projects from planning and design of land development as well as construction of infrastructure such as buildings, roads, bridges, sports fields and farms.

Wanneroo Mayor Tracey Roberts said the exhibit would appeal to a wide range of people.

“This exhibit provides an intriguing insight into the world of the mapping, surveying, geopolitics and ancient history,” she said.

You Have to Draw the Line Somewhere opens on January 12 at the Wanneroo Regional Museum in Wanneroo Library and Cultural Centre.

Visit the City’s website for opening hours.