Western Power launches new safety campaign urging people to ‘take another look’

Marc Crisp is the face of Western Power’s safety campaign.
Marc Crisp is the face of Western Power’s safety campaign.

KNOWN for keeping his head down and getting the job done, Western Power emergency response linesman Marc Crisp surprised people when he put up his hand to be the face of its latest safety campaign.

The utility launched a campaign this year to encourage people who work around electricity to “Don’t Risk it, Take Another Look” to keep themselves safe.

It follows a sharp increase in the number of avoidable third party incidents on the network.

When the call went out internally for a spokesperson, Mr Crisp put aside his fear of the spotlight to help spread the message of safety to the broader community.

“I’m copping it pretty sweet at the moment from my mates at training and my family but it’s just the price of fame I guess,” the North Beach resident joked.

“I care about safety and make sure that I do everything in my power to go home at the end of the day to my wife and dog – getting home safely from work is something we can all make happen.”

Not expecting to be seen alongside Chris Hemsworth anytime soon, Mr Crisp said he did want people remember the “Take Another Look” message when working around the network.

“I see it on the weekend with my mates and neighbours who want to do the right thing around their homes keeping branches away from powerlines, but they just don’t go about it the safe way,” he said.

“They are risking an injury and worse.”

Mr Crisp said there seemed to be a sense of complacency when people worked around the electricity network because it was such a common part of life.

Western Power also holds free seminars to educate businesses and homeowners can access information on the website about how to work safely around the network.

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