Young footballer top of his game

Pierce Rollo.d414552
Pierce Rollo.d414552

The 17-year-old Greenwood resident has been nominated in the Weekender’s HBF sports hero series for his commitment as an Auskick coach and valued member of the Warwick/Greenwood Junior Football Club.

In the 10 years Pierce has played junior football, he has received two coach’s awards, became vice-captain of his team, won a citizenship award and been an active member of the club’s committee.

‘Being an Auskick coach was a good experience; it started off because there was no coach and I ended up staying for two years,’ Pierce said.

‘It’s very rewarding and the kids loved it.

‘Occasionally we would attend a WAFL game and the kids would play at half-time.’

In 2013, Pierce became the youngest member of the club committee and helped out adult members with club events and games.