Free Eskimo Joe concert hosted by the City of Wanneroo a success

ESKIMO Joe live at the Wanneroo Showground was a fantastic free event for City of Wanneroo residents and guests.

There were children running around getting their faces painted climbing on the rock wall and slide.

Like my parents, aunt and I, families around us had their picnics and enjoyed each other’s company to the sound of four great support acts and headliners Eskimo Joe.

Although the feedback from the concert was almost all positive, there are always those that ruin it for the majority.

These are some comments from the City’s Facebook page.

‘Eight food vans for 13,000 people is just crazy. I’ve queued for an hour!’ Dana said.

‘Yeah agree, bad planning with the food vendors. They even ran out of coffee and kids are begging for some hot chips and none available at all to begin with,’ Stacie said.

‘Yeh, I second the complaint on the food situation. Maybe extra vans during peak hour,’ Petra said.

Shame on you, whose responsibility is it to provide your children with food.

At least most people were organised enough to prepare their own picnic and thoroughly enjoy the night without having their children ‘begging’ for food.