Advert demeaned women

The advert implied that women are for sale and are a commodity (cheap at half price); attractiveness is defined by seductively dressed and poised women and being available is also attractive; women want to keep you warm in winter and cool in summer and, lastly, women will (very disturbingly) be silent and not object to this way of being treated.

Is it really a problem to objectify women and treat them as a commodity? Yes it is.

Follow the consequences of objectification further down the path and the results are shocking.

I support an organisation called SIMaid and its program GOTS (Girls off the Streets). GOTS is about freeing girls and women from trafficking and slavery in Bangladesh and India.

Girls being bought and sold as sex objects (commodities) might seem a world away. It’s not when we support and condone advertising that objectifies women.

Where are we allowing our society to head when we accept adverts and other media normalising the treatment of women as a commodity?

Editor’s note: Before receiving Michelle’s letter, the advertiser and the Wanneroo-Joondalup Times agreed that the advertising campaign should not continue.