All ends well

THANK you for publishing the report in the March 17 edition about the lost hooked wall hanging and to let you know that it has been found.

It was discovered under the stairs in the City offices across the road from the library, which is strange because that building was not open on the Saturday when it was lost.

It must have been found in the street, but by whom we do not know.

The person who found it in the foyer of the City offices returned it to the librarian, who contacted me and I now have it safely stored at my house ready to take to the WAFTA exhibition at the convention centre in May.

Robin the artist is just delighted it has been found safely, as are the owners of the piece.

It’s too bad we can’t thank whoever it was who rescued it from the street.

If only this piece of textile art could talk what stories it could tell – from the original ties collected over so many years to its latest adventure in the City of Wanneroo.


Australian Rugmakers Guild.