All made worse

Tyson Sarich in action. Pictures: Matt Jelonek d401704
Tyson Sarich in action. Pictures: Matt Jelonek d401704

I APPLAUD comments made by John Dickens regarding our roads becoming obstacle courses. The situation now has now got desperately out of control.

There appears to be a constant stream of poorly thought out schemes created by so-called experts who have found themselves in the unique situation of being given vast sums of taxpayers’ money to spend within a limited time.

So what do they do? They go out and locate a perfectly safe stretch of road and construct hazards all along it, just as Mr Dickens highlighted, and then ironically through their own plans they create a ‘self-fulfilling prophecy’.

The road becomes dangerous and accidents start to happen, which by some bizarre twist of fate, manage to justify their futile actions in the first place. They call themselves ‘traffic management’. All they ‘manage’ to do is mess things up.

If you want to spend our money on making the roads safer, start by painting white lines at every intersection so everyone knows who has priority and where the edges of the junction are.

Get some decent lighting in our side streets at regular intervals. Put some ‘cats eyes’ along the centre of the road so at night drivers know which side is theirs.

In addition, put some reflective paint on concrete kerbs in the middle of the road at intersections so we can see them clearly at night.

Also, erect additional signs before the freeway exits so drivers are given more than one opportunity to know when their exit is coming up and aren’t taking crazy risks by cutting across lanes at the last minute.

I could go on…