Bit confusing

THE recent publicity about correct use of green and yellow-lidded bins does have a confusing side to it.

For a start, it is anti-intuitive.

For many years now, whenever we damaged glassware in the house, we carefully used our handy broom, cleared up with a brush and pan and tossed the glass into the general waste kitchen bin.

General waste always included broken cups, saucers, gravy boats, vases, glasses, glass-fronted photo frames and, maybe, even the odd busted amphora.

Now, it appears, that “glass bottles and jars (including broken ones)” have to be placed in our yellow-topped “wheelie’’ bins reserved for recycling.

No mention is made about crockery, flowerpots and soup bowls; much less Delft or amphora. Confusion may just reign.

Maybe our council could compose or commission a jingle for distribution in a plastic frame.

TERRY BEAHAN, Joondalup.