Cats are killers

I have been working in all areas around country WA on and off for the past 15 years and if you get out there and ask the local country people what they think about the cat problem they have you would be amazed.

I have seen a photo of a shot cat that was more than a metre long and with fangs that would kill any native animal in seconds.

I don’t mind cats as long as they are kept inside from dusk until dawn, as the RSPCA wanted introduced into the new cat law.

I strongly suggest that cat owners get their facts right before they start to make stupid comments about the new cat laws and they start to look after our native wildlife so that all our grandchildren will be able to see native wildlife in the future in their natural habitat instead of in a cage.

I have to register my dog and make sure he doesn’t go and annoy my neighbours by doing his jobs on their property and regularly take him to the vet to make sure he is OK.

However, so-called cat lovers think it’s OK to let their cats roam and do what they want.

Ring CALM and the RSPCA to find out for yourself if you don’t believe what cats are doing to our native wildlife.