Cause to think

EVERY community has elements of the good, the bad and the ugly.

We have firefighters and other emergency services people. There’s plenty to like about them.

Then there’s the bad apples who wreak havoc in the community in one way or another when they’re not behind bars.

There’s also the ugly ducklings, not because of their physical appearance but because they fail to clean up after themselves or illegally dump rubbish in forests and waterways.

As Wanneroo First Lady Tracey Roberts pointed out in her mayoral column in the February 17 edition of the North Coast Times, they are also putting the lives of firefighters at risk by blocking access to bush tracks.

I wonder how many of them got a reality check during the recent bushfires; how many realise they’re lucky to be alive and still have their homes standing because of the courageous efforts of firies who were hindered by tonnes of trash.

Perhaps the morons might have thought about that this Clean Up Australia Day.

JOHN LOGAN, Greenwood