Choose carefully

Most councillors have a job, a family, a cat, a dog. If they work in addition to going through the council agendas and attend all the meetings they need to be appreciated.

We can do our part to support the council by voicing our opinion in the form of letters to this paper, by attending council meetings and asking questions and making statements.

That way the councillors will know better what we, the people, think.

As a last point, we can make our choice at the local election.

Ask yourself: what has the councillor of my suburb done for the suburb, what has he or she done to support or not support items I am concerned about, is the mayor moving the City into the right direction, do I like the budget increase or not and so forth?

Then choose carefully, because the people we elect make the rules.

And think about it this way: one day these politicians will be gone but we the residents still have to pay the rates.