Councillors’ pay rise shocking

Certainly most people wouldn’t begrudge a pay rise, but the extent of the increase only seems to strengthen the often-held perception that once people are elected they feel it is their right to line their own pockets before getting down to the real business of government.

At a time when the ordinary person is reducing their spending due to the significant increases in the cost of utilities across the board, I believe state politicians and local councillors also need to play it a little more conservatively.

My rate of pay has not quadrupled since 2005.

One reason given for the increases that councils are to be merged at some point in the future is just a sweetener sales pitch. The merging hasn’t happened yet. The question that arises in my mind is that when councils do merge will there be a convincing argument given to ratepayers to legitimise yet another pay rise?

Another reason given is that more suitable candidates will be attracted by the increased allowances. Are they only becoming a candidate for the money?

If so, I’d rather someone whose heart is in the job and who isn’t persuaded by the money.

To add insult to injury, the Times‘ front-page news headline was ‘Rates set to rise by 5.5%’.