Danger path

IN response to the letter in the July 28 edition headlined “On right track”, as a keen and formerly competitive cyclist myself I think off-road cycling trails would be terrific idea in one sense but unfortunately fraught with danger.

I regularly walk on the “dual purpose footpath” at Lake Joondalup. I am surprised we have not had a serious accident there yet.

Pedestrians are constantly harassed by cyclists, often in groups, that race past pedestrians at speeds of anywhere between 20 km/h and 40 km/h. Only last week a toddler was very nearly hit by a speeding cyclist who then yelled abuse at the mother.

It’s not a velodrome. It’s not even a cycle lane. It’s a “dual purpose footpath” and I cannot see why, as it provides no separation between pedestrians and cycles, we cannot post a speed limit of 8km/h.

This would be in line with current OH&S legislation for mixed use and could be posted on all such paths throughout W.A.

Please cyclists. Have some consideration and manners. Slow down to a walking pace when passing pedestrians.