Decision wrong

THE development assessment panel recently approved a development for the Conlan Avenue area in the Wanneroo town site. It is to be a mixed use and liquor store.

Two Wanneroo councillors on the panel supported it and the move to remove a eucalypt despite the City of Wanneroo’s administration recommending keeping the tree. An arborist’s report stated the tree had another 40 years in it.

When is this destruction of healthy trees going to stop? The City had said the tree removal would have an “immediate impact on the amenity of the development site”, which cannot be replaced by design, “this tree should stay”.

This development may be good for the town site, but it is in the wrong place and too close to our Youth Precinct planned by the City.

It is a shame the two councillors supported the proposal against what the public wanted.

AUDREY HINE, Joondalup.