‘Devastating’ erosion is just getting worse

I HAVEN’T visited the Quinns Beach area to see the erosion there, but I can imagine the devastating situation.

I am a local at Pinnaroo Point, Hillarys. What point? There is no point anymore.

I have walked, swum and daydreamed regularly at this beach over the past 18 years and in this time have seen a major transformation and watched it disappear through erosion, but none quite so bad as this winter.

Now the water laps up to the dunes, crumbling them and all their growth into the ocean.

In the near future, it too will be creeping up to the access road and the playground.

It is so sad.

The other day, the ocean was so high, I had to walk through the water to get to another section, as I didn’t want to climb the sand dunes.

The shire has graded the dangerous drops from the sandstone road and the walk paths, but this is only a quick fix.

Another storm, another winter will be devastating.

The wooden posts and wire fencing do not hold back the fury of the ocean.

Building marinas add to the problem or are they the problem? What is the answer?

Cheryl Gibbs,