Don’t let an opportunity slip by

I spend a great deal of my time both professionally and personally working with wildlife.

As a wildlife education and training company, we train people with an interest in assisting with the welfare of native wildlife, the cuddly ones as well as the scaly and potentially venomous ones that most will try to avoid.

Children love them and during term time in a classroom we are able to pass on some essentials of basic wildlife education to any age group. Those essentials are that:

– Our wildlife is amazing.

– Snakes do not want to hurt you.

– If you leave most animals alone they will not bite.

– Watching wildlife is better than TV, free and great fun. A snail or a skink can become an object of wonder ” just open your eyes and watch.

With our training days for industry clients in Perth, or up in the Pilbara and beyond, we teach much of the same content as we use for children.

The difference is that when you become involved in the capture and relocation of wildlife you will want some experience through training, suitable equipment and the realisation to grab that opportunity to do so whenever it arises.

One opportunity about to fly past you right now is that the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Fellowship applications close soon.

It was an opportunity I was able to catch back in 2012 when I became a Churchill Fellow ” yes little old me, you don’t have to be posh or well connected, just passionate about something.

My fellowship funded a two-month trip to South Africa, Botswana and the US. It was an opportunity that hugely improved my professionalism in teaching others and in turn improves the outcome for native wildlife here in Perth.

Visit or telephone 1800 777 231 and catch that opportunity yourself ” now.