Dumping fines failing

We all appreciate that our rubbish is collected weekly along with our recycling and receive the benefit of nine-monthly kerbside bulk collections. However, this is obviously not enough as each week we see rubbish that is dumped at charity collection sites.

This obviously happens due to the expensive fees charged if one takes these items to the local tip.

The charity that I once worked for had a special vehicle and trailer to pick up the dumped rubbish, manned by a full-time driver.

This was taken back to the base and put into skips, paid for by the charity that, in turn, then paid to take it to the tip.

Collection sites are getting fewer and to complain can end up with the loss of the site.

In the eyes of our councillors and mayors we get our money’s worth via our rates. Their answer is to introduce fines for dumping as a deterrent. That is not working.

There have been minimal prosecutions, even with the offer of reward.

We used to be able to take a trailer containing household rubbish to the tip at our own expense and for a reasonable fee the rubbish would find its rightful place.

Again I ask for the return of Sundays being allocated to allow us to take our extra rubbish (from our throwaway lifestyle) to the tip for a nominal fee.