Expressway first

The freeway should have been built first, houses thereafter. I was just in Ho Chi Minh City where they are building a new sub city with an elevated expressway first.

Two years ago (it must be worse today) I drove early in the morning from Two Rocks to Whitfords Avenue, down Marmion. I was shocked. There was endless congestion at the roundabouts.

How many thousands of hours do we lose each day, not to speak of stress. Moreover, we use petrol and create pollution. I suggested building flyovers for the through traffic and earned a blank stare.

I marvel at the patience of all these thousands of people who go through all that each day and wonder why these good people have not raised hell with our planners.

If the elevated freeway and these flyovers had been built 15 years ago, the price tag would have been a third of the cost now.

Now we have no money; nice, isn’t it.

This freeway will be with us for at least 100 years, so let us get it right… and fast.

Yes Jack, fast.